How To Update Geocache Coordinates

This job aid is intended to provide instructions for updating the coordinates on any Geocache of which you are the owner.

From the main geocache page, locate the Navigation menu list on the top, right hand side of the page;


<CLICK> on the menu item “log your visit”



<CLICK> the down arrow on the drop-down menu for Type of log:



Select Update Coordinates from the drop-down menu list.




Located the checkbox for Add a waypoint to the log and <CLICK> to check it.

Select the appropriate format for the new coordinates. Degrees and minutes (MinDec) is the default and is the same format as listed on the main geocache page.




Type in the new/adjusted/corrected coordinates


NOTE:  If you receive an error message indicating that you cannot move the cache that far, you will need to submit a request to the Reviewer to relocate the geocache.

Once you have typed in the new coordinates, <CLICK> in the Comments: box and add any appropriate notes.


Finally <CLICK> on the button near the bottom of the page called Submit log entry.


Your new coordinates will automatically be shown on the main geocache page and the log will be updated with your entry to show the original coordinates and the distance to the new location.