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Friends & Family Pages
With a large family like we have, there are always plenty of pictures, videos and other memorabilia to go around. In this section, we try to divide it up into smaller, bite-size pieces to provide smooth and simple navigation through a complex maze of assorted pictures.

Welcome to our web splotch.
Our YouTube Videos
Check out our YouTube videos. They are mostly about geocaching in some form or another, but hopefully you will enjoy watching them.

FP Series
The theme we have used since placing and publishing our very first hide has been to name them after a Famous Person. The name that we choose is normally based on something at the cache location that somehow ties in to the name. Sometimes the name is even a good clue. The web page that we maintain here is where pictures that we take of our hides and other items of interest are stored to help us recall where and how they are hidden. For the most part, they are organized by county. Some pictures may be considered hard spoilers, so be advised.

Caching Tools & Replacement Logs
This section contains downloadable files of many different sizes of replacement geocache logs. These are the perfect caching companions to carry with you at all times. Don't be the geocacher out there who has to post log notes about how wet and moldy and nasty the log was. Certainly you never want to have to post a DNF on a cache simply because the log was in such bad shape that you couldn't even sign it. These handy replacement logs are just the thing for your geocaching repair kit. This section also includes job aids, short cuts and useful GSAK information.

Geocaching Website
This section takes you out to the external website.